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What is the point of eqMac? What is an Audio Equalizer?
How do you install eqMac?
How do I uninstall eqMac?
How do I uninstall previous releases of eqMac, like eqMac2?
Why is eqMac asking for Admin Password during installation?
Sometimes there are sound issues using eqMac?
After major macOS update eqMac doesn't work correctly anymore?
I have a different issue?
I'm not receiving the Magic Sign-in email.
Trying to Sign-in but seeing error: "Magic Link is Invalid" or "Magic Link has expired"?
I use Safari 14 + Gmail and when I click the "Sign-in" button in the Email I get redirected to the Home page...
I have a problem with Purchase or Renewal of my Pro Subscription?
Why the 3 License minimum limit on Subscriptions? I only need 1 License!
Can I use Apple Pay or other Payment Processors?
I mostly use free features of eqMac, how do I get support?
I am a Pro paying customer, how do I get support?
What is up with your Privacy Policy? Why is it so not 2023?
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