Written by: Roman Kisil (@Nodeful) on Thu, 24th of June 2021

Why eqMac Pro is a monthly Subscription?


  • I'm just a one man working on the project for past 5 years.
  • Being an indie developer of a niche product, without Venture Capital support, I don't have a massive budget to reach out to millions of potential users.
  • This pricing model makes eqMac more long term sustainable.
  • You will never be charged extra again for any new updates or new features (Unlike some Software companies that will deprecate old versions of their product and try to sell you a new version)
  • Pricing is flexible, You choose how much you want to support the project!
  • You don't have to commit to a big price tag that most other apps charge. You can use eqMac for 1 month and cancel at any time!
  • eqMac Pro has a generous Trial mode that you can try for unlimited amount of times before committing to get the Subscription.
  • Thank you!

eqMac Pro

Starting from v1.0.0 eqMac has an Expert Equalizer feature with Unlimited* Bands, Spectrum Analyzer, integration with AutoEQ, nice Graph UI and more exciting features coming soon! It's the first feature of eqMac that is not free and will require You to get a Pro Subscription to use it.

The Subscription is a monthly payment starting from $3/month (USD) for 3 Licenses (More currency support is coming). You will be able to choose how much you want to support eqMac's development and for every extra US Dollar spent you'll get another License (more perks will be coming at some point).

All funds raised will go directly into supporting eqMac's development and future! All the features that were free up to this point will stay free forever, and there will be more free features coming out in the future!

*There's currently a theoretical limit of 1000 on how many bands you can have, but it's outside of most use cases.

So why Monthly?

Some of you might be wondering why is a standalone/offline Audio processing application is charging on a Monthly basis. I didn't make this decision lightly, after a lot of thought I realised that currently this is the only way to make eqMac a financially sustainable project. Think of the Pro Subscription as a Patreon model.

Most other apps would charge their users with a single big bill and give you a year or so of updates and support. After that year they will release a new Major version of the app and try to upsell this "new" product to previous customers. Also, you might stop using their product after a month but you've already paid the full price.

In contrast, eqMac Pro Subscription is the only committment you will need to make to get all current and future Pro features. In addition, You can always cancel, upgrade or downgrade the Subscription at any time, no questions asked! You can also try out all the features using a Trial mode as many times as you want!

eqMac is a pretty niche product, especially the features offered under the Pro Subscription. Compared to other companies offering Audio software solutions I don't have a big budget to market eqMac to millions of potential customers, just one man trying to create something I need myself and hoping other people might find it useful to them as well :)

A brief history of eqMac

I created the first version of eqMac in 2015 being a fresh graduate from University, just before starting my first SoftEng job. I've done it pretty hastly in only a month and just put it out there as a free download from an ugly website.

To my surprise in a year it got over 80k downloads so I decided to build eqMac2. That took me over a year, mostly because I was very busy trying to prove myself in the job market at the time. I also decided to open source it in hopes that it will get people contributing to the codebase (that unfortunately never happened, aside from minor bug fixes). eqMac2 in my opinion was still a piece of garbage, yet it somehow got over 500k downloads and grew to 30k monthly active users.

Seeing the growth I wanted to keep going, but this time instead of hastly writing crappy code I wanted to properly engineer and understand everything I was doing, as well as using the latest available technologies (Swift instead of Obj-C and Safe User Space audio driver instead of old/unsafe Kernel Extension approach).

This took a lot of time and effort over evenings and weekends to learn and build the new eqMac. I released it in Spring of 2020 and currently it's sitting at around 45k monthly active users.

A little about me (if you're interested)

My name is Roman, I'm 28 and I'm the sole creator of eqMac.

I'm originally from Latvia but for the past 9 years have been based in the United Kingdom and for 6 of those years I've worked as a Software Engineer in the industry.

I live a pretty modest life with my girlfriend and 2 cats 🐈 I drive a 13 year old car and don't own any realestate. I struggle with some anxiety and minor depression periods, which hinders my productivity, but I think that's pretty common in the modern and fast paced world we live in.

I'm sharing all this just to show I'm just your normal average millenial Tech Bro and not some Gucci wearing executive 😅 No offense if you are!

In the end of 2020 I have quit my full time job to build eqMac Pro and depending on how it goes pursue other ideas 🤞🏻


I hope you will find eqMac Pro features useful to You! I appreciate all the support I get.

Thank you for showing interest in eqMac and getting to the bottom of this blog post 🙏🏻

If you have anything to say please reach out to me on our Discord server or email me: [email protected]

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